Tuesday, September 3, 2013


My weight loss has stalled.
Am feeling sad about this, am also apprehensive about pushing myself to do more because of the resulting pain, soreness, health problems.

So am at a standstill and i know what needs to be done, but doing it..........

Monday, October 15, 2012

Get Going Again

My main lesson learned: FORGIVE YOURSELF when you slip. Tomorrow's a new day. Remind yourself that you can lose and will at your own pace.
(not original, but worth reading)

Friday, September 7, 2012

A vacation or 2, losing my way and other poor excuses

OK, so eating the healthy foods and moving away from all the cakes, cookies and ice cream is never, ever going to be easy. But i am writing today because a couple of my bff's said to me last night (we were at a party) "you really have a sweet tooth"!
In my immediate family i have two relatives who are both diabetic. One is a type 2 and the other is type 1---obviously that is what i thought about when i heard the comment.

In truth i believe that veryone has a 'sweet tooth'; it is just that if we allow ourselves to go, we end up allowing the world to see it in the poor health and the excess calories that show up on our bodies.

So my plan today is to get tough with myself again and to go back on track....am catching this train b4 it really runs away and gets ahead of the progress i had made two months ago.
Wanna know how things stand? I am up about 4 pounds from my low weight about 8 weeks ago that took so long to achieve. Actually it wasn't a long time as much as it was lots of effort.
We can do this!!!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

July 1st, 2012

Recently learned about "TOFI", this is the state of a person who appears to be of normal weight but is actually carrying excessive fat around the organs inside the body. Thus we have, what medical professionals, refer to as Thin Outside - Fat Inside or "TOFI".
I have known for years that i felt uncomfortable with my size. As you can tell, i thought this was because my present weight had surpassed my top 9 month pregnancy weight, now beginning to understand more about inflammation, food choices and internal fatty liver disease. But how do we, as a society fight this?

We can all absolutely forget about thinking that what most people eat is personal choice. The profit “at any cost” corporate culture inundates the airwaves with commercials and advertisements creating a climate for overconsumption of unhealthy foods.
So many, many people suffer from inflammation, obesity and diabetes…expect this problem to increase. Providing information and education about making healthy choices so far, has had little if any long-term impact on this major health issue.

What is the answer, can we help one another? Do we even have enough motivation to want to change.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

June 21-June 24

Thursday- Sunday
A Facebook friend posted a beautiful poster and after following her link, am sharing. Who wouldn't want to boost the immune system? If positive emotions are available and within our grasp, then grab them we should and go even further......am thinking, "i want more" and want you to have them in abundance as well".
Likely they have lots to do with motivation, fitness and dedication to a healtheir lifestyle.
I've been eating tilipia, whole wheat pasta with fresh herbs and whole tomatoes, green salad with ginger dressing, sangria, lean chicken, cafe latte, hot tea, cherries, cherries, did i mention cherries, raspberries, mango....

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 19th and June 20th

June 19th
Very reasonable food choices and 120 minute workout....breakfast was milk and a banana. Lunch was a half stuffed cabbage with 2 good pickles. Dinner 0ne egg yolk, one apple, lotsa cherries and 2 cups of decaf cafe with soy milk. So that was an ok if somewhat busy, busy day.

Wed June 20th
Have started to use My Fitness Pal, and trying to hold more accountabilty. Also was able to wear a pair of jeans today that did not fit one month ago. Had lunch at Red Lobster with a great group of people, ate a kind of vegetable soup and a mango mai tai..no rolls or dessert.


Monday, June 18, 2012

May 20th-June18th

This is how easy it is to get off-track, stop writing down the foods everyday and allow oneself to relax. Even knowing it takes vigilence to drop the pounds is not enough. So during the past almost one month, yes, am sorry to say i lost my way.
Went to St Augustine's, ate out a couple times a day, overdid the simple carbs (complex carbs are the good ones), indulged in my favorite Sangria.
So now am re-energized,food journal here we go again!!!